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Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun and Games...a Free for All

I thought it would be fun to play a game today. It is Cyber Monday after all and we do have a new little store here on Our Green Table. It is stocked full of the non-toxic skin and haircare I have been raving about. Finally, I can share them!

Before the game begins, the first thing I had to do was fix the link. The easiest one is at the bottom of this post. It will give you a chance to look over the products and create a shopping list. Remember to email me,  if you want free shipping! Sure, put on your party hat...this is going to be fun!

The second thing I had to do was establish a prize!!! My feeling is that anyone who plays is a winner because we are dealing in toxin-free goodies here. How can you lose? You can't. It's a free for all!!

But, one lucky person will win more. May the best one win...

From those of you who order through me today and tomorrow only, you will get free shipping (really helpful...the yummy new shampoo and conditioner are heavy) and I will put your name in the "hat" and draw one name out tomorrow night. For those of you who ordered over the weekend, you are already in! The winner will receive a free product valued up to $20. Fun!! Free shipping. Free goodies. Kid, grandkid and pet friendly, too!

And, here's what else, there will be...

no more parabens, phthalates, PEG’s, SLS, triclosan, nitrosamines, 1,4 dioxane, formaldehyde or other nasty chemicals going into our bodies, down our drains, into the environment, and into our food supplies!  Win, win, win and win!!

I am so fired up. I started off today having fun. I added in a scoop of leftover Tangerine Cranberry Sauce to my favorite shake and it was sooo good. Pretty too, kind of a burnt orange color instead of the bright carrot. Drank it down without taking a pix first. Yummy. What a fun day. Hope you have fun, too, and win! I am going to go now and wash my hair...LOVE that new shampoo and conditioner!

Here is thequick link:
Email me to order with free shipping.

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