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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cher-ing a Mane Event

I know, I know. It's the weekend...leftovers and football. And, articles about Cher. For a now understood reason, I have been drawn all week to a lot of stories about her. She was my teenage hair role model. Love her. Oh, how I wanted locks like hers. If you have seen my Halloween picture...

Anyway, something really exciting happened Wednesday night and I couldn't put it on my normal personal care "Women and Wednesdays" post until the official announcement was made. But I can sure post it today and while trying not to have this blog become too commercial, this is big.

Really, really important. I can't wait until next Wednesday.

I have been very worried about the toxic sludge that drips down people's warm backs, gets into their scalp, eyes and ears when they wash their hair. Most people wash their hair daily. "Use daily" should not create a health hazard and most hair products are off the chart, toxin-full and spell trouble. I have been looking for many months for better, safer, toxin-free haircare.

I now able to offer non-toxic shampoo and conditioner for men, women and children through my blog. YAY!! Now, that's a mane event! We are head to toe here! The products are rich in aloe vera, pomegranate, apricots and orange instead of harmful chemicals. Lovely.

You can order by clicking here: and going to "Products", then to "Shop". However, email me directly,
and I can order for you and give all those who order through me, free shipping until November 30th.

Either way, let's clean up! Happy weekend!

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