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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Don't say "Never on Sunday"

I usually don't post on Sunday but today's news is too important...

The lead article in today's The New York Times is killer...or life-saving depending on how you use the information. I heard Dr. Barnard speak this summer at the wellness workshop I took Mom to (obviously, a life-changing event for me) and had the chance to talk with Dr. Barnard privately for a little while. His statistics are a call to action. This article is a must read!!!! And here is the

Quotation of the Day

“If you want to look at why people are fat today, it’s pretty hard to identify a contributor more significant than this meteoric rise in cheese consumption.”  

DR. NEAL D. BARNARD, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which challenged a federal agency’s claim that eating dairy products can help dieters lose weight.

and here is the article link:

I am sticking with this cheesy mess and will have many more posts on it.

Cheese is everywhere, on everything. And, without even going into the quality, especially the quality marketed to children, how it is being promoted is sickening. "Cheatoes" is right.

On a happy note, also check out page 33 of the NYT Sunday Magazine! Here is the link. The whole page is on Christian's site and blog!!  xoxoxox

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