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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

From a Natural State of Hope to Think Before You Pink

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Pink in nature is naturally hopeful. Think of a gorgeous pink morning sun filling up the sky with a new day. Think of a beautiful pink evening sun setting up the night for sweet dreams. Think of radiant pink flowers, birds and fish that share their wonder. It is easy to think that pink is the natural state of hope.

Perhaps that is why pink is the color for Breast Cancer Awareness. In its natural state, it is the perfect choice.

Beyond what occurs in nature, think before you pink.

For an excellent guide to pinkwashed products in skincare, use this link... 

This just released 100-plus page report outlines the scientific data on environmental causes of breast cancer, including exposure to chemicals found in household and personal care products, plastics, air, water and food. It also includes tips for prevention:

And for de-pinking foods, read, read, read the labels. Many allergens like carmine are used to tint all kinds of products pink, like the yogurts sporting the pink lids. Avoid farm-raised salmon for many reasons but germaine to this post, so that you avoid the dyed flesh from becoming part of yours. Stores and magazines are flooded with pink products.

Just think first before you pink.

The next best shade of pink other than what's found in nature? A color called "Tickled Pink"...a state we all can achieve by becoming as educated, informed and proactive as possible about the choices we make for what goes in and on our bodies and our brains.

Empowered. Now that's a natural state of pinkness that you cannot wash off.

For the "What One Person Can Do Guide", email me:

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