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Thursday, September 16, 2010

No one asked me, but....while in "Rome"

If I am ever asked to design the ultimate meal plan, it will include red wine and dark chocolate...not as adds in but as full-fledged line items...inked in for keeps. Both are key components to well-being in so many ways.

It may come as a surprise to some of you that not only am I in Veggie Heaven, I am also Wine Country. Long Island's North Fork rivals California's Napa Valley for vineyards and amazing wines. When I was a kid driving out here with my folks, all the fields were home to either potato or duck farms. Below are the only ducks I saw...

About 30 years ago, a couple got the bright idea that grapes would be a wonderful crop for this sandy soil, lovely sea air and as-much-sunshine-as-California part of the world. They were right and from that one simple thought and single vineyard, dozens of other vineyards now dot the landscape. Long Island wine is fabulous, award-winning and there is a perfect pairing for every other local food that this rich area yields, from the jewels of the field to the jewels of the sea.

Ok, I know...I know. Most of you cannot taste this luscious crop because of restrictive liquor laws. may come to the North Fork on a wine trip after this right? I'll plan it...and throw in some dark chocolate, too. California? last year. 

Here is how the grapes looked yesterday...white on one side of the street, red on the other. It is right before harvest and they look plump and full. Hope it's a good year. From the vine, it looks like a wonderful crop.

Happy Thursday everyone...go pour yourself a new food group! Enjoy your evening. xoxox

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