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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hot stuff... just in!

I got this testimonial from a friend about the mascara I talked about (check under Dressing Table Beauty Bites) and she said it was OK to share it with you. I for one have no idea how to "post" a comment on this blog and so thanks for emailing me! Here it is...

"It came. I love it!! First I just wore it around the house to see. Just applying it was nice, because it doesn't clump and glop like that mineral stuff I was using. Next test: wear it to Pup's agility class in the heat and sweat. Good again! Then, I wore it to my opthamologist appt. yesterday. Always lots of different eyedrops and pain. Just one tiny smudge and no added pain! Folks, we have a winner! Thank you, Penny, for all this research you are doing and then writing about!"  

and she also wrote this..."I'm also really, really glad you follow up on any changes in your skin."

This is so important for everyone to do...sunbathing with baby oil and iodine, what was I thinking? Sooooo 60's. Oh well, at least the music I blistered to was tops!

xoxoxo to my special friend for her thoughts!!

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