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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Got veggies? Grab your rubber duck!

This cartoon in Sunday's paper caught my eye. Then, it tickled my curiosity for "oil spills" beyond the grocery store trip pictured...that and the fact that I was out of my regular bath and shower gel and also out of the wonderful coconut soap I used on my last trip. Further, due to the 100 temperature, taking an evening shower was not optional and so I headed out on a short foraging adventure to see what I could find.

Not wanting to drive a great distance, I decided to see what the corner drug store had to offer. I wasn't sure that anything in that store was petroleum-free and I was really curious. Imagine my delight when from the shelves I heard a little voice... "Hey, look at us".

There on the shelves was a perky display of veggie skin, body and hair care products that are petroleum-free and paraben-free, called Yes to Carrots. There are three main veggies involved: carrots (normal to dry skin types), tomatoes (combination skin types) and cucumbers (sensitive skin types).

Now, because of the fact that some of the lathering ingredients are the usual suspects, I am somewhat cautious, but nonetheless, really excited about this find. They do use a lot of certified organic essential oils, do not use animal testing, encourage recycling and almost best of all, besides the ban on petroleum in their products, they have created The Yes To Carrots™ Seed Fund , a non-profit organization that provides grants to schools and communities to help them build gardens and promote access to healthier nutrition.  Eureka!!! I think this company "gets it" and is helping give back in a way that will create even cleaner products. Go see what you think by visiting your local Walgreen's, CVS or Target and check out their website, While not perfect, it is a healthy, happy giant step for mass-merchandise. *

And, I realized that I only have one recipe starring carrots on this blog, but it's an all-star. If you want to celebrate, it is still the best carrot cake recipe ever. You will find it in "Featured Recipes".

* Note: It is August 10th, please read this update and August 10th blog post:

Yes to Carrots:
Non-compliant: This company has signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics but is not in compliance, because they have failed to provide the Campaign with required product and ingredient information.

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