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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eye Candy for real

Like my lipstick issues, I also have mascara woes...until recently. I found a new mascara that I really like and that likes me back. After wearing it for three plus weeks now, it doesn't bother my eyes or end up in smudges on my cheeks. Interestingly enough, it is sugar-based, true "eye candy" and makes those butterfly kisses extra sweet. The line is made by a Canadian organic cosmetics company, They have an easy website to navigate, complete with a YouTube video, but I did buy mine in a store. As a redhead, I love the fact that their "brown" is more auburn. Go check 'em out. There is also a listing of U.S. stores on their website as well as many other products which look great, too.

On another "eye" note, please, please, please make sure you go to get your eyes examined every year. I was a little late this year for my annual check-up and my concerns were confirmed. My eyes have really changed. When the doctor asked me to read which letters I could distinguish on the chart, my answer for one eye was "What letters?" Seriously, I could not make out a one, even on the top line. The other eye was somewhat better. And while it is a great excuse for the occasional typo, I am mulling over corrective options more effective than my current dollar store readers. My days of threading the needle from across the room are over. And so, sweet friends, take care of your blues, browns or greens out there!  

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