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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Punch'ed out twice!

I have lost this recipe so many times it isn't funny. I put it in a place where "I will never lose it" and's gone. "They" (those ubiquitous know-it-all's) say we spend three weeks of every year looking for stuff. I'll tell you what. If that is true, I am well into my allotment for 2010, maybe 2011. And so, as I was getting ready to write this morning, I couldn't find the recipe...again. I even had to call my daughter, hoping I had tucked it in a cookbook I just sent her. No, I hadn't and the search began. That was the first punch out.

The second punch out is that this entry really is a recipe for punch, a beverage concoction I am usually not overly fond of, and so I am actually surprising myself by writing it. Most punches are way too sweet or subtly laced with far more alcohol than they 'fess up to. But, this one...well, it is just as straight forward and spirited as can be, a little sweet and a little tart and a great way to toast the last few days of summer.

Now, if I just can remember where I put the password to this blog....Cheers!

Tropical Sangria

2 limes, thinly sliced
2 small star fruit, sliced crosswise
1 bottle chilled white wine
12 ounce can of mango nectar, chilled
1 mango, cut into 1/2 inch cubes
12 ounce can of ginger ale, chilled
1 bottle sparkling white wine, chilled

Mix everything in a large punch bowl and serve it up! Add a few ice cubes and slices of lime for garnish. Fills a nice-sized punch bowl.

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