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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Given that this weekend is summer's "kick-off", the original post for today was going to talk about summer "CPR"...Choose, Protect and Repeat...just going over a few rules for using sunscreens and having fun-in-the-sun safely.

So not me but you get the picture!

First is "C" for "Choose". Choose a sunscreen with as few ingredients as possible, as few harmful chemicals as possible and preferably loaded with organic ingredients. If you need help, email me and I can recommend a couple. Sunscreen is a must for every age, every skintone.

"P" is for "Protect". Wear hats, sunglasses (please do this...your eyes and lids get way too much sun exposure. Look up information on cataracts and blepharitis and don those shades!), invest in a beach/poolside umbrella and try to stay out of the sun during its peak burning times...about 10-3. Also, drink lots of water, eat lots of deep green and deep yellow veggies, a bite or two of dark chocolate and drink green tea. Avoid lots of sugar during the summer...I know it is hard to pass up all those fruits and frozen goodies but their high sugar content causes so much inflammation and your skin doesn't need any extra heat! Also, have a bottle of olive oil handy. It is great to apply after sun exposure.

"R" is for "Repeat" applications. Know how to properly apply sunscreen: 20 minutes before exposure, apply a shot glass full to all exposed areas including hands, ears, back of neck, lips. Yes... a shot glass or about 1 ounce is the correct amount! Few people use enough. I go through several tubes a month. Reapply often during exposure!!!

And so, that is how my thoughts started out for this Women and Wednesdays post. However, they are a little divided given the study released last week on "good cholesterol". I am among the genetically high good cholesterol folks they talked about. For years, I have been told I have "0" cardiac risk despite being born with a slight heart defect and having a sibling with cardiac woes. Now, I know the study was sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, has me thinking. I am on the lookout for a cardiac screening in the next month or two. In times past, the doctors and nurses would all hover excitedly over my cholesterol numbers..."Look, she's one of "them"!" I am going to pursue this further so that the only CPR in my future hopefully relates to the beginning of this post.
Bottom line for the start of summer...know your alphabet and know your numbers, ladies!

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