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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All good things...

come to those who wait...two good things as a matter of fact. It is interesting that while waiting, I became enamoured with double doors.

Two beautiful ones just opened...

I got to New York December 1. Some of you thought I was cruising Broadway and fine restaurants…where are they again? No, I came here to be a mom, to set up “Support Central”. For most of December and early January, I ran errands…every kind you can imagine and helped out according to my children’s List of the Day! Lots of holiday prep, of course, but mainly prep for what was to come…the wonderful births of two beautiful, healthy babies.

December 30th, 2:20 a.m. the first baby arrived…a beautiful baby granddaughter
January 13th, 9:47 p.m. the second baby arrived...a beautiful baby grandson

For all of you with expectant children, I suggest you watch “The Business of Being Born” so you can also help advocate for healthiest, happiest deliveries possible. My kiddoes made sure I saw it.

While some of the documentary is beyond what they wished to do, the insight is invaluable and helped us all pilot their new arrivals into the world. Most of all, I embraced the premise of the film…birth is a healthy, natural event and that helped us all with The Three C’s: Calmness, Confidence and Coolness. It worked and we all rode out the inevitable ups and downs of delivery and afterbirth. The same midwife coached both births and from my end at least, did an absolutely amazing job. Words and emotions cannot describe the jobs my kiddoes did bringing their precious ones into the world.

And so without further ado, it is time to spill the beans and welcome Plum and Shaine into the world.

These two children are born to parents who will be loving, funny, kind, creative, adventuresome, nurturing and just perfect for these little ones. And born to a grandmother (eeek!) who will follow their lead. The fun has just begun! xoxoxox

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