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Friday, December 23, 2011

Faith that Knitting One, Pearls Forever

Last week, I learned that McDonald's serves 50 million “meals” or transactions a day. That is one transaction for every 5-6 of us! Daily! Next, I overheard a young gal say she spent over $1000 a month on restaurant meals…breakfast, lunch and dinner…and doesn’t go to the grocery store more than twice a year. Yes, year. Yes, twice. Then, I read in the paper that “bake sales” now-a-days are “bake resales”…people reselling purchased goodies as their own.

And so, all that “industrial” news leads me to this thought for this holiday weekend. Give something personal, something hand-made. Best yet…made by your hands or Mother Nature’s.

I am really excited about the gifts I am giving this year…almost all are hand-made, many locally or through fair-trade, are vintage, repurposed, living or gifts of time.

Gifts can be as simple as a small gesture and have a grand effect. Here is what I “got” yesterday. Ranks up there with one of the best gifts ever.

I went to pick up my knit sweaters from Sue (see last week) and had only a debit card, not cash. Sue doesn’t take cards. Here is what happened…

“Mommy (she calls me this), you no have cash? No problem. Here are your sweaters. We will see each other again. I know that. You pay me then, OK, Mommy? Happy Christmas!”

Now remember, I hardly know Sue. I am a stranger here. And yet, along with my knitted sweaters, she gave me a pearl...the gift of Faith. Faith in the connection of people. Faith in the goodness of people. Faith in the future.

Wherever you are this Holiday Season and whatever you are celebrating, I wish for you “Sue”…someone who sees such hope, such trust, such peace in the world that she passes her faith on to you. Don’t hold back. Take it gratefully and share.

Peace, love and faith to you all! xoxoxo

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