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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sun-Washed Living

Last Wednesday, while still reveling in the afterglow of Halloween and Day of the Dead, it struck me that I needed to learn more about marigolds. They are the ceremonial flower of Day of the Dead and, on a recent visit to New York, I had also seen them as a garland encircling the memorial picture of Dadaji, beloved head of my Indian family.

Without even knowing their symbolism, I have a soft spot for marigolds anyway and have them growing in my garden every year. The spring I was pregnant with my daughter, I planted "Honey Bee" marigolds and sure enough, had a sweet, honey of a daughter arrive a few months later.

Marigolds symbolize the sun, the glowing origin of all life. They symbolize that we each, always and forever, will have a place in it.

Which brings me to this week's topic for Women and Wednesdays...children. So much of what I learn and share does have to do with the here and now but really, more with the hope new generations of life, our children and their children, will have healthier, happier, longer lives free from as much chemical harm as possible. And it is possible.

That is why last week, I let out a LOUD cheer that Johnson & Johnson FINALLY admitted their dirty ways. Imagine passing off the dirtiest "No More Tears" Baby Shampoo to the U.S., Canada, Australia, China and Indonesia as if we wouldn't find out and challenge them on it! Well, the challenge worked and they have agreed to reformulate.

Would I recommend their products once reformulated? No. Probably not. I can recommend products now that I know are safe and started out that way. No reformulation needed. Many remaining ingredients in the new J & J's Baby Shampoo will still not be sun-filled and life giving. They are only removing the quaternium-15 (formaldehyde) and 1,4-dioxane. Yes, scary stuff. And still a long way to go from "No More Tears" to "No More Fears".

Cultivate your marigolds and your sun-washed place in the universe. Here is the article: removing carcinogens from baby shampoo.

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