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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Franken Pumps

I have a thing for pumpkins. The interesting thing about carving pumpkins a couple of days ago was the fact that each one had such a different seed quantity. Mine was almost devoid of seeds. Remarkably few. Ordinarily, I wouldn't be too aware of how many seeds, just how to get them and the slimy strings out!

But, last Sunday there was an article in the paper about Monsanto and how anxious they are to dominate the produce aisle and seed industry...way beyond the corn and soybeans they do now. Scary.

Was my pumpkin a Franken Pump? A GMO gourd? mitigate that sorrowful thought, I ran out and bought some heirloom varieties to savor. what's real here? Stuart weighing in.

Also, to savor, are the seeds. They are so rich in magnesium and fabulous fats. A handful a day will help keep the disease demons away. Magnesium helps relax nerves and muscles and gives your mood, bones and circulation a boost. They are filling, too, and the good fats really help give your skin a glow. Grab a handful, eat them raw or toasted and let me know how you enjoy them! I grind them up in my morning shake, sprinkle on salads and cooked veggies or eat as is. How 'bout you?

Keep your hands off my pumps!

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