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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We are in the dawn of a cleaner pink...

OK, so I am going to get really personal here. It is Women and Wednesdays after all! I had my mammogram plus ultrasound this week and usually it is an all morning or afternoon affair. I am in a high risk category due in great part to DES exposure and have been having those tests since I was 20. Yes, 20. Lots of other stuff in between, too.

It has been about a year and a half since I have done everything I can food-wise to "clean up", including cleaning up both the food on my fork (which I have always been careful about) and the food going in through my skin (my newer focus). I have learned a LOT and made the healthiest choices possible and have shared all I do here. is something to think about. When I checked out,  I was asked, "BTW...what are you doing differently?" I told them I had significantly reduced the harmful chemicals in my food...all food, from my shampoo to my succotash!

Fave pink shake

I believe with all my heart that I have lowered my body's burden of toxic stuff and the results are  visible. My skin is noticeably different...clearer, smaller pores, softer and now, I have x-rays to prove there are changes within!

Wonderful...just plain, wonderful!

Now, all this leads up to a big favor...we are about to get deluged by a tidal wave of "pink". TONS of products with pink ribbons tied around promises to help eliminate breast cancer. Remember... companies can say just about anything on the front of a bottle, on a label or on a jar lid.

PLEASE...turn the product over to the back and read the ingredients, especially on your skincare and personal care items. Let me help you decipher the label.  Is that truly a clean pink product or a dirty Pitch anything today with petroleum derivatives (mineral oil, petrolatum, etc.), "Fragrance" and PEG's/PPG's. Nanoparticles, "enhanced delivery"? Dump 'em. Dirty. Really dirty.

Please, dear friends, think before you pink and let's clean up ourselves and the whole pink color world to live safer, healthier, more beautiful lives! A clean, gorgeous new pink is dawning... xox

For clean food on the fork and clean skin food recommendations, just ask me! I have a big beautiful list! xox

Coming next Wednesday...I will share an article I read in magazine while in the doc's office and a newspaper headline! Hair-raising stuff!

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