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Monday, September 26, 2011

Addiction Number What?

I think I have talked about several addictions here...mostly all good,  but I have lost track of the number. At any rate, I have a new one on the table. Take a look...

This is probably the simplest and most de-lish salad I have had in a long while. And, it is made with a new taste adventure for me...purslane* (see below). Don't remember ever eating purslane, but oh boy, will I ever be making up for lost time. It is nutrient-dense like all greens and richer in omega-3's fatty acids than any other vegetable. Sweet!

Here is the recipe...

Terry's Super Salad (Thank you to Terry's Finer Foods in Little Rock for my impromptu salad class Saturday...they knew a possessed woman when they saw one!)

Take one bunch of purslane, 1/2 bunch of cilantro, 1 diced jalapeno, a little sea salt and pepper. Mix it all up and splash with the juice of half a large lime. Toss in grated Queso Fresco to taste and grab a fork. Fabulous!

Here is what my dinner looked like. Terry's Super Salad with some pretty darn super lentils I mixed up into a cold salad and sauteed Swiss chard and mushrooms over red rice. Last of the season corn and gotta love the huge pat of butter...did I mention addiction enough yet?  Happy Monday!

* Yes, I know purslane is considered a weed, pigweed, to be exact and so to be safe, please get it from someone who is growing it for culinary use. I don't want you digging up your yard (or someone else's) and perhaps risking exposure to a bunch of yard chemicals!

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