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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Watering within

This weekend is going to be a scorcher...103-105 in actual temps. I am afraid to think what the heat index will be. All the more reason to eat foods that keep your skin moist from within. They will help replace some of the moisture lost due to perspiration. Also, cut down on salt and sugar and diuretic foods like meat and dairy products. 

Here are my top picks for water-rich foods. As as an added benefit, most of these foods are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C which prevent cellular damage and protect skin from the inside out, too. Almost all are readily available at every farmers' market which makes me think of our local market as a neighborhood watering hole, too!

Veggies: Tomatoes, summer squashes, cucumbers (they can be slightly diuretic, though, as is asparagus), leafy greens of all kinds from arugula to watercress, peppers, eggplant, corn 

Fruits: Watermelon, melons of all kinds, berries, pineapple, peaches, most fruits except dried ones

Eat lots of these raw in a beautiful fresh salad or make into broth-y soups like gazpacho. Drink tons of water and remember that iced teas and coffees are dehydrating and sadly, so are those summer-fun cocktails and glass of wine! Have an extra glass of water for each glass of these you drink. It helps rinse out impurities and you will be cool as a cucumber!

Of course, you get double the hydration (inside and out) from using the proper body and facial moisturizer. You'd be shocked at how many OTC products wick water out of your cells and dry them out. Whaaaat? So not what we need to happen! For any questions about skincare, go here (our moisturizer just happens to be on special!) and then, relax and chill out!

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