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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Seems like I have started the month off in code...this one is simple to crack: Save our Skin.

Last month was National Skin Cancer Awareness Month and aside from staying completely out of the sun (impossible!), sunscreen truly is the best prevention there is and you know the one I love. Had I only known when I roasted myself in search of that California Girl Glow (er...Tomato Red was more my look!), I might have far fewer scars and scares. I am very, very lucky though. Some serious stuff, serious surgeries but so far, nothing truly life-threatening. I have reams of info on sunscreen and sun-worthy tips but the best one is this...use a 'clean' product and use it properly. Apply 20 minutes before sun exposure and reapply frequently. Then, it works and works best. Need a recommendation? Just ask me!

Fave beach at sunset

Today, I would like to share some "after sun" tips. I have a fabulous new friend and we met for coffee yesterday. (Actually, we had a lemonade...a-m-a-z-i-n-g deliciousness!!) She used to work for a major cosmetic line and had lots to share about how a great moisturizer should work and how to apply it properly. I learned a bunch and if you could see her, oh my..."I will have what she is having!" Beautiful!

Moisturizers are especially important in the summer. Our skin is exposed to lots of dehydrating temperature changes, drying air-conditioning and fans, pool water chemicals, sweat, sea salt and salty, summer foods like chips and dip and those festive margaritas.  Also, people may be drinking lots of liquids, but many like iced tea and iced java drinks are somewhat diuretic. Dry skin in the summer is not only uncomfortable, it is a signal that "what lies beneath" needs help!

Skin Loving Aloe Vera

Here are her tips for Beautiful Summer Face:

To keep your skin moist from the outside in during summer, apply a moisturizer that does three simple things. First, it should tighten and firm. Second, it be a moisture-rich formula, aloe vera- based preferred, that mixes with your own natural oils and hydrates. Third, to combat oxidative stress, it should be rich in anti-oxidants. Together, these three properties create a skin that is soft and moist, holds together (doesn't crack and flake), fights off environmental stressors and looks and feels great! Apply over a mositurizing toner and let dry.

Her moisturizer of choice:
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Coming next, my food tips for keeping skin soft and moist!

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