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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fair and Sunny

For almost every afternoon the past month, my friend and I have sat and chatted over coffee. She rang me up around the end of April and said she'd be in town for a few days. Those days turned into weeks...really long ones for her. Yesterday she left. Put the pedal to the medal and high-tailed it out of here. I will really miss her.

Our conversations centered around her reason for being here and what an emotional and physical roller coaster ride that was but we also covered every other topic imaginable from our deepest beliefs to our dreamiest wishes (conversing in French in France and Kate Middleton's wedding earrings!)

We met couple of years ago over our mutual interest in fair trade and even contemplated working together with a group she was already involved with in Zimbabwe. She is way ahead of me on that issue and now actually owns a fair trade store in Savannah, Go Fish!

Fair-Traded Shea Butter

And so, you can imaging how giddy I was to learn that a new product I recommend on this blog uses a fair-traded ingredient. I was over the moon!!!!

Why is that so important? Because "pretty is as pretty does" and there is a very ugly side to the beauty industry that I don't want to be a part of. Once I began to "know", I began to say "NO!" more.

While defining fair trade needs broader clarity, it amounts to this:  no one is getting hurt or cheated for the benefit of making a product. Nothing comes from a sweat shop. Children are not being abused or worse, "pimped" out for the sake of an procuring an ingredient. Fair-traded purchases enhance life all the way around.

Maya Spaull of Fair Trade USA had this to say, "...buying fair trade, that is changing a life!" 

I am really happy to be a part of that. I mean...really, really happy. I love it that what I recommend has as clean an inside "back story" as it does a finished product coming out of the tube!

The product I am talking specifically about is the new SPF 30 plus sunscreen I posted about last week.  It uses just six incredible ingredients, one of which is Vitamin A and Vitamin E-rich fair-traded organic shea butter. This sunscreen is both ultra-protective, ultra-moisturizing and ultra-safe! To order yours, email me and I will share my specials for Our Green Table readers. You can also click fair and safe sunscreen and go to "Products" to check things out. The sunscreen is under "Body".

I love it that somewhere else around the world, there are faces smiling. Now, that's a fair and sunny day!

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