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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Toting a Seriously "Light" Vacation

Normally when I travel, it is to New York to help out my mom. My suitcase is always half full of stuff I am still working on on her behalf and it is heavy as lead. And once I toss in my boots and personal care products, it usually tips the scale at close to the weight limit. My "take-on" bag is stuffed with my laptop...also heavy...and more papers and yep, some aspirin. Oh yeah. Exhausted before take-off!

This past trip, I should have taken a bag weighed in at 26.50 pounds...seriously. I felt light and frisky as a filly. This weigh-in was a new "Penelope" record (I sense one of my readers is reading this in disbelief!) and my carry-on with no laptop was positively feather-light, too. Hard to believe...didn't even look like I was a serious "vacation" contender. I had "air space" in all my bags...even on the return flight. Amazing. I am going to share my secret here in a sec.

While I did use my son's laptop to check emails and such, I am way behind on what I want to share blog-wise and this is Wednesday after all...personal product day and so I am making an effort to get back on track.

And so, first, I can't think of anything more personal than showing you some of the bathrooms...gorgeous. I am in awe of Mexican folk art.
"Folk art" is perhaps my favorite artistic expression ever and the art in Mexico is especially joyful. I love all the colors. Take a peek back at yesterday's post...the picture of Reshma and those fabulous paper flowers. Maybe you can zoom in and see the detail. Just wonderful! Here are some other beauties I found just in bathrooms...

Counters and showers

Fabulous sinks

Beautiful walls

Bath "mats" drying in the sun

Now, on to what made my suitcases so much addition to the papers, I eliminated about 8 bottles of "stuff" I usually pack and instead, tossed in travel-sized bottles of the multi-purpose personal care products I rave about on this blog. What a difference in my weight load and travelling skin!! I was able to keep up with my non-toxic regime (really important when travelling when you don't know what's in those sink-side bottles) and also keep my skin protected and moist. One of the first signs of travel fatigue shows up on your skin: dryness. Well, I had none of that!!! Next trip, I will also toss in the new non-alcohol hand sanitizer that we just released...oh my...lemon-y, luscious and a little dab will do it.

Also, I felt good about not contibuting to someone else's environmental pollution. Everything I brought with me not only protected my body but left no petro-chemicals, half-used bottles, harmful ingredients or product pollution sludge behind in their drains and waterways.

If you are local...come to First Thursday tomorrow night. I have a cute "travel tote" to show you, complete with BPA-free travel bottles and will share some great tips on how to "travel light"...whether it is to Mexico or the lake! Hope to see you tomorrow!

Here is what I am working on...not quite done yet. Perfect for vacations, stay-cations, campers, weekenders, hospital stays and Mother's Day... a travel tote chock full of "do no harm" goodies!

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