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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Take a Whiff...Smell the Fat?

In honor of International Women's Day, which was yesterday, you have a right to know this. Especially if you live in the U.S. which bans only 9 chemicals from our personal care products. While most of us will not make headlines and go down in the history books as "remarkable" women, we are and we have a remarkable opportunity. We have the right to write our own history of creating a safer, healthier "present" to live in and an opportunity to make choices that can make a difference.

We need to do more than march. We need to become a community of "builders, planters and refusers" (Huffington Post)...refusing to buy into the hog-wash, pink-wash and green-wash that shellac our products and instead, building and planting healthier choices.

If you fed yourself yesterday according to the tradition, Fat Tuesday was a lard-fest...full of creamy, butter-y, full-out animal fat foods. Today is a new day and traditionally one that starts a period of leaner cuisine with lots of beans, fruits and veggies. And so, if you are a traditionalist,  you have cleaned out the "larder" for the next several weeks and have significantly reduced the fat your body is absorbing, exposed to and creating.

Your kitchen is good to go.  But, hold on a minute... 

Did you also do a bathroom check? That's right. Better check those bottles and jars in your cabinet and around your tub. They are also making you "fat".

People are sloshing around with 5-7 pounds of chemicals they have absorbed from their cookware, foods and personal care products. Yes, that's right. Your shampoo, face cream, body lotion, shower gel and hand soap at the sink could be making you fat. They probably contain chemicals now known in the scientific community as "obesogens".

Makes me mad enough to use the "F" word..."Fragrance" that is. In the United States, manufacturers can legally hide 600 potentially harmful chemicals in the word "Fragrance". Who knows what they are, right? The formulators can keep their secrets and their sludge sequestered in one word and in a word that most women swoon over. It makes me sad when people want products that fill their nose and their bodies with synthetic perfumes and dyes, many of which are added to mask the smell of petroleum and animal by-product waste. Another almost "F" word, pthalates, are fat producers as well and the list contains many others with every letter of the alphabet present. I have already shared the story on PEG's and propylene glycol.

"New research suggests that chemicals found in our environment and in everyday products may play a significant role in packing on the pounds"  is an excerpt from this must-read article

And again, I am so glad that I have the privilege of sharing products with you that the Environmental Working Group agrees, are totally without harmful chemicals... for real, the only complete line in the U.S. Unlike the companies in the article, our alarm clock is not on snooze. We are up and at 'em and can offer you personal care that cares about our present and our future.

If you are ready to refuse the fat, DBA as hidden chemicals... and build and plant better health, raise your hand and send me a comment. From now until Friday evening, I will collect them and 1 lucky reader will receive a FREE hand and body lotion...totally without harmful chemicals and not an "obesogen" in sight!!

There is a link to the products I love, click here 

Next week, I will share a brave post from a Lancome salesperson.

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