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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

O, Canada! And, Some Peace of Heart...

Thanks to a reader, Our Green Table has a maple leaf! Hi and a heartfelt welcome to our new readers in Canada!

From Meatless Monday to woohoo-it's-the-weekend Friday, I look forward every day to posting my thoughts, sharing recipes and stories. Wednesday is the day I wake up and say, "Oh, girls... I gotta share this!" 

It is a big Wednesday. It is National Heart Month and right before Valentines' Day. Plus, I read a couple of articles on women's SOP of always satisfying others before finally seeking out what makes us truly happy and I thought about my grandmother who always gave herself "To Me from Me" gifts which, at the time, I thought that was a little weird. Now, I think her plan was brilliant. And so, splicing all these together, I have personal care for our hearts on my mind today. Peace of Heart for Women.

For our physical heart's best, here are 10 Physical Peaces of Heart...

1. Explore a plant-based diet. "Lean into it" one meal at a time or go full plate ahead.
2. Get informed and read the books and studies that are done without funding from drug and food giants. 
3. Ditch the diet angst and eat to live and live well.
4. Know our cholesterol, good and bad cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, weight, BMI
5. Get plenty of rest and plenty of play...walk, run, dance, garden, make a snow angel. 
6. Pitch the harmful chemical soup we are bathing in, washing our hair in and making up our faces with. Switch to a brand without harmful chemicals so our bodies can work as they should.
7. Listen up. If we hear our bodies talking and the sound is out of tune, find a doctor who listens, too, and doesn't blow us off or patronize.
8. Breathe.
9. Chill out. Once we have gotten on track to improved health, let's not obsess.
10. Take joy. Take peace. We are our healthiest!

For our emotional heart's best, here are 10 Emotional Peaces of Heart...

1. Welcome our own BFF into our hearts. Yes, she's that gal in our own mirror.
2. Surround ourselves with people who support and encourage us to grow and grow beyond.
3. Offer our hearts. Volunteer.
4. Watch our step. Back off or walk away from those "drano" situations. We will know them if we listen up. Our guts will tell us when things are icky.
5. Be part of the solution. The problem is over-populated, big enough already.
6. Stretch our spines. Stand up tall for what we believe in.
7. Have courage. Play outside the box, if that's what makes us happy. My dad used to say, "As long as it doesn't scare the horses!" And, play up what makes us each unique. See OKCupid's post "The Mathematics of Beauty"
8. Use our own voice.
9. Dream and dream big. We are each a child of the universe for heaven's sake, not a kid from the cubicle.
10. Take joy. Take peace. We are our happiest!

If you want some great gifts in a box, go to our store page. You will find some books that are wonderful and some links to the personal care products I love as well.  In Tuesday's The Red, White and Food posts, there are also some charities that could use your heart.

Happiest Women and Wednesdays to you...and me! xoxoxo

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