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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Hair Peace

I am not sure having a Halloween wig that exactly matches your non-wig hair is a compliment.

You know...maybe it's a heads up? Hmmm...check this out. A little freaky how close a match it is to my own hair, right? It's hard to tell where the real stops and the fake begins. And, it is super freaky that some people wore it Halloween night as part of a costume...geez. I mean really. Show some respect.

And now, given how the cyber world works, you know what has come next. All this week, I am getting all kinds of weird "wild hair" emails, special offers from Clairol for "corrective hair color" and lots of "We can fix your hair problem!" and "Tame your mane!" spam. Come on people.

Anyway, I am way ahead of the Internet bots. For the past couple of shampoos, I have been trying out some new products. They score "0" on the hazard scale which means they are 100% non-toxic and I think are really helping moisturize my hair. Curly hair is naturally dry and mine has been on frizz frenzy all summer...kinda like the wig. I will keep you posted on all the great changes I expect to happen.

To try these products out yourself, check in Our Little Green Book of Resources and go visit the hair care suggestion. Ask for Lorrie and tell her Penny sent you! She and I have been using each others products. I am detoxifying her skin with the "0" hazard, 100% non-toxic products I love. There is a link for those skin care products also...or rather for you to send me an email and I can forward you the link for free shipping all this month (can't figure out how to get the link directly on this blog).  Great skin and that's it!! And, my hair peace should quiet the bots.

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