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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brazilian Wipe-out

I have curly hair with a mind and weather channel of its own. Having read a couple of books about hair, I understand that sometimes curly hair ends up on the wrong head and is a constant, annoying "bug". It is never neat and orderly. Every day, every change in the weather brings a new look. If chaos, disorder and a lack of control bother you, it is probable that curly hair and its strong-willed unruliness will, too. At least that was  what one book theorized. Makes sense to me. What does bug me though is while curly hair has my OK to rule my world, I just wish it would shine. Most curly hair doesn't.

Sometimes when my hair is mishandled, even by professionals, it is a frizz ball and even duller. Once or twice I succumbed to the "Penny, let's blow it out straight and see what it looks like! It will be soooo shiny!" tease. Shiny but not at all for me. And so, I can understand some of the temptation of the Brazilian Blowout....manageable, orderly, shiny hair.

Before you bite into the temptation, better know the poisons lurking and what one savvy state is doing to protect its ladies' shining glory. Let's wipe this product off the map! Thanks, California, for leading the charge!

Why do we devote every Wednesday to personal care? Because the food that comes in through your largest organ, your skin and scalp, can be a constant day in and day out diet of hazardous chemicals...and there are some very risky ones out there. This defeats the goal of total wellness. Your skin eats more than your mouth. For those of you who want to reduce your exposure to toxins from your skincare, email me. I have some great specials going on!

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