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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Local Loyalty

On the 10th day before Halloween, my True Ghoul gave to me...a
beverage from a local brew-er-y.          

While at my mom's, I grabbed an old pewter "stein", you know the kind with the glass bottom? I guess the glass was there so that while imbibing, you could also keep one eye on whomever was watching you? I am not so sure I would saddle up to a bar with known or suspected malcontents and so here is what image I like to think that glass bottom suggests:

Keep your eye on local goods and drink with local loyalty.

Here are some other theories I found on Wikipedia:

Most cities, even neighborhoods, have local brews...beers, vodkas, gins, wines and more. My son and his pals are taking "local" one step closer...home-brewing. There is lots of great stuff available now to turn out a decent batch. In the '70's, we tried our hand at that, too, with beer bubbling away in a garbage can in our kitchen. That came right before I launched into the wine jelly-making craze and then the fermented "friendship fruit" frenzy. But, I am digressing.

This Thursday, keep it simple. Forget Coors, Budweiser, Absolut and Tanqueray. Drink up whatever is being made in your 'hood. It will cause a cheer heard 'round the block. Bottoms up!

Check out the local beer of my 'hood at and go on one of their free tours, every Saturday and Sunday at 3 p.m.

And, check out our local vodka and gin at is some other news you can toast. Kombucha is back for sale in grocery stores! Thank goodness calmer, clearer minds have presided over something! Really...what was that whole brew ha-ha about?? Ridiculousness.  So glad the protesters have run out of juice. Three cheers for Kombucha!! Bubbly bottoms up!

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