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Friday, October 8, 2010

Fair Fare/ Fare Question

To be fair, I used to love fair fare. My favorites? Corn dogs slathered in bright yellow mustard, caramel apples thick with salted pecans, funnel cakes coated in sweet, powdered sugar grease and cotton candy that probably dyed my insides every color of the synthetic rainbow.

To be fair, fair fare is a right of passage.  

Here is what I hear is the newest "treat". If you partake, please follow up with some detox tea. Phew. It is called the Doughnut Burger...actually it looks like a Doughnut Cheeseburger. I can't even imagine. Must go down like a Vaseline patty. Washed down with the other new fair fave, Fried Twinkie Latte, you are good to go. Maybe forever. Take a look...

For more bang for your buck, top your burger with this:

Our state fair opens today and although I don't down that food any more, I thought I would play along. In the spirit of fair fare, I have a guessing game for you. Can you guess what this is a picture of? And no, I still don't know how to tell you to leave a comment to post your answers. Most of you email me. I will give you the answer next week... 

Guess What Fare is in the Picture

A) Strawberry ice cream
B) Cotton candy
C) Beet paste
D) None of the above

'Til then, here is a great recipe for popcorn...just in case you get fairly hungry for snack-y fare this weekend! Fair 'nuf.

Curried Popcorn

Air pop desired amount of popcorn. If you are inviting me, I need my own batch, please. Love that stuff. When popped, sprinkle with a top quality curry powder. Yum. Both your brain and tummy are in for a treat.  Another flavor twist is to sprinkle with Old Bay Seasoning...adds a pop of salty sea air to the batch. Hmmmm. 

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