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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Towards a more Peaceful Fourth of July!

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July and probably the biggest cook-out day of the year. I have thought of some ways that I am going to have a greener, more peaceful Fourth this year and thought I would share some of my finds. They will work for any cookout, any time of year!

First, I am going to lower the "off-gassing" of my charcoal grill by using real charcoal. There are several types available and here is a favorite available at Lowe's, Cowboy Charcoal,   And, I am going to use one of those chimney firestarter things that you can also get at Lowe's instead of petroleum-laced lighter fluid!

Second, I will be grilling out more veggies and veggies burgers, and because some in my family still eat meat, I will have grass-fed burgers, too. But, I am not getting those obnoxious big buns. I can't believe how big some are! I opted for a smaller one to fit a smaller-portioned burger.

Third, I'll be dishing it out on real dishes...a melting pot of mixed and matched ones seems appropriate. I had thought about buying some of the eco-ware made from corn, potatoes and bamboo, but I already have a cupboard full of dishes. Eco-friendly dinnerware is available in some grocery stores and here

Fourth, I am also using a hodge-podge of jelly glasses instead of paper, plastic or styrofoam beverage cups. They are perfect and I don't have any small kiddos around, just small pups.

Fifth, I am going to really listen to the Declaration of Independence as it is read at our neighborhood parade and keep searching for more ways I can be a greener, less oil dependent citizen.

Wishing you and your friends and families a Happy, Peaceful Fourth of July! Let Freedom ring!

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