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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And now for other breaking news: I Should Get a "D" for This.

Yes, I should. First, I waited until about 18 months ago to have my Vitamin D level tested which my former doctor did. Always slathered in either clothes or sunscreen, I am low in this crucial made-from-the-sun nutrient. It is almost impossible to eat enough Vit D-rich foods and so I take a supplement and need to check to be sure it is doing its stuff.  Not too long ago, I had to switch doctors because of a new insurance policy. Several months into my new dr's care, I had to ask for testing. "Shouldn't we be checking up on my Vitamin D levels?" Big mistake. She had my chart and history. And, I had to ask her for a bunch of other basic markers, too.

I am all about prevention and to the best of my ability, staying ahead of what could ail me down the road. So far, so good. The mistake I made when going to a new doctor was going to one who may not have the same philosophy. While she may be great at treating illness, I don't know. I am rarely sick and don't think about getting sick. I think about staying well. I want a doctor to partner with me, tell me what immunizations, what tests, screenings, etc. are needed for my age. Then, I can take it from there and get them done.

Vitamin D is nothing to ignore. The widespread deficiences are real and can create real problems. I am thrilled (and a little sad) that children are hopefully going to be tested for cholesterol. Vitamin D testing should be routine for everyone, and just like we all should know our cholesterol numbers, we should all also know our Vitamin D level! Get it checked. At the end of this post is a link to an article in yesterday's paper about this.

Here is what else to know: total cholesterol, LDL (lethal chol), HDL(healthy chol), height (sounds silly but we do shrink!), weight, BMI, percentage of body fat, fasting blood glucose, blood tricycerides and blood pressure. I may be missing something but knowing those will give a great picture of what's happening inside and a head's up to make some TLC lifestyle changes if needed before popping a bunch of meds.

OK, so all that being said, I guess I have Vitamin D-rich egg on my face. Want some, too?  Here is another gem from Gonnie's book:

Brightening Facial Treatment
1 avocado, mashed (She ate half of one every day.)
1 carrot, cooked and mashed
1/2 cup cream
1 egg, beaten
3 tablespoons honey 

Whip all ingredients until smooth. Spread gently over your face and neck, working in an upward motion. Rest for 10-15 minutes. Remove by splashing face with cool then cold water. "Your skin will now look bright and refreshed."

And here is the article:

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