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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Breaking News: Getting Better (The Red White and Food)

From a post I did last year, some of you may remember that we had chickens when we lived both in Mexico City and in Houston, Texas. They are lovely as pets...gentle, intelligent, fun and funny, and when in a calm mood, pretty good little pals to hold and pet. And, all that goodness and personality before the eggs even start to appear...friends with benefits indeed! Oh my, there is no egg that compares in flavor to your own "backyard" egg. The yolk is, beautiful and at least a mile high!

Hen-keeping is becoming quite the thing and I wish I could have them again but the good news is I also love my three pups and the bad news is, well, they are terriers. 'Nuf said.

Because of our past experience with our own Little Red Hens, I am a very careful egg shopper and search for not only a local farmer, but one who is humane as well. I was thrilled when Reshma sent me this article today. Maybe, we are getting somewhere and each state can follow California's example...

If you are interested in keeping your own hens, there is a great guide in Organic Gardening,  June/July 2010 issue and for keeping rarer breeds, an April 2004 article in Martha Stewart's Living magazine is really detailed and helpful. Both and more are available at your local library.


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