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Sunday, June 27, 2010

"The very tigers and lions of our era...."

The cover story in The New York Times Magazine today is about the "fate of the bluefin tuna, the oceans and us", written by Paul Greenberg. Here is the link

As a kid, I went with my family several times to the docks at Montauk to see the fishing fleets come in at dusk with their day's catch. The waters off that part of Long Island are (were) prime fishing grounds for all kinds of fish, including the bluefin tuna. I remember seeing those gorgeous fish hanging from big hooks. One time my dad and I saw a man walk up to a tuna, scoop out some flesh and eat it. Next thing we knew, the fish came down off the hook and was gone. He did that with several that day. I asked my dad what was going on and up until that point, I had no idea what sushi was. Nor did I undertand the impact of what I was seeing.

There were several other stunning articles about whales, fish and the oceans in the paper last week. Here are two more...

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