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Monday, February 1, 2010

An Apple a Day...especially for tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a big day...Punxsutawney Phil will let us all know if winter is to continue its march into March or if we will soon see signs of spring. Will he or won't he? Is this good news or bad? I am caught. I dearly love winter's savory root veggies and spring's earthy asparagus and never quite get enough of either one. And that is saying nothing about how I love both winter's snow and spring's first flowers. Anyway you look at it, there could be cause for disappointment and the need for solace as well as the need for celebration. Just in the nick of time, to brace us for whatever verdict comes out of his burrow, my friend, the Divine Ms. M...(you know who you are, girl!) sent this recipe for a comforting treat. She found it in Runner's World magazine and you know, runners are always on the lookout for quick, nutrition and energy dense foods and yippee, this recipe calls for granola, too! The Divine Ms. M is a major fan of Natural State Granola!

To keep things at an energetic pace, the micro is the "baker" of choice in this recipe. In general, I am not a micro fan and so, if you can slow the pace down some, I imagine this could be done in the oven, too...about 350 for 45 minutes. Which apple to use? I love Rome Beauty apples because they bake up just like an individual, sweet and spicy apple pie, but have found them to be scarce this winter, and so use whichever delicious variety you love. Jonagold and Golden Delicious bake well. Red Delicious and MacIntosh don't, although Mac's are my favorite sauce apple. Just remember, if possible, buy organic apples. Non-organic apples are one of the dreaded "Dirty Dozen" and you don't want your treat ruined by chemical residue.

Runner's World "Baked Apples"

Wash one apple per person* well, especially around the stem and blossom areas. Core. Drizzle with honey, cinnamon and nutmeg to taste. Micro for 4 minutes. Fill core with 1 1/2 tablespoons granola (Natural State Granola preferred, of course!)

* I would do 2 per person and pop the other in the 'fridge. Topped with yogurt, it will make a yummy breakfast. This is a fat-free recipe and feel free to add either a little pat of sweet butter or small bit of coconut oil nestled in the core if you want a "richer" treat.

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