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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Setting the Table

I have a green table that sits in the middle of my kitchen. No telling how old it is. It has been in many other homes, I suspect, before mine. The legs are sturdy and graceful, but the “toes” are stubbed and worn. There is part of the table that forms a brace joining the legs. It is a great perch for baskets and dogs’ paws. The surface of the table unfolds like a puzzle and goes from small to large with a wiggle of a couple of pieces of wood hidden underneath the main tabletop. The man I bought it from said it came from Hungary. I love the color, or colors of green, that pop through. Starting with emerald through to lime, there are many shades until, in small patches, the bare wood softly peeks out. The colors of green remind me to choose well and responsibly. I love this table, the food that goes on it, the chairs, elbows and paws that pull up and rest there. It is the heart of my kitchen and reminds me daily of family, of savory recipes and delicious conversations. It is the centerpiece for not only our food, but for our stories. As a nutritionist trained in science, that table roots me to the simple joys and art of cooking and eating with family and friends.

Today, I have a big bunch of fresh red radishes smack in the middle of the table. Looks a little holiday-ish for April! I am just going to dig into those...sliced thin with a little sea salt and sugar. Simple,delicious and sweet.

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